The more Adele evades coming across with the name of her Little Peanut, the more the press are going to badger, badger, badger her about it.

The singer - who up until now has kept her boy's name a secret since his birth last October - has been spotted wearing a gold necklace with the name Angelo while out shopping in Los Angeles. So now everyone reckons it's Angelo.

A source "close to" the 24-year-old star (but not so close that they'd respect her privacy) confirmed the child's moniker is correct and told The Sun: "Those close to Adele have been told the baby is called Angelo. We're not sure of the significance of the name. She's wanted to keep it quiet but it was always going to come out sooner or later. Wearing an Angelo necklace not only backs up what is being said, it suggests she's not worried about people finding out."

Adele also failed to reveal her first child's name at the Golden Globes - where she made her first formal public appearance since giving birth to her baby to pick up the Best Song prize for her theme to Skyfall - earlier this month because she was 'not ready'.

When asked the name of her baby, she replied: "It's too personal and intimate. I'm not ready. I just call him Little Peanut."

The Brit - who is tipped to win an Oscar for Best Song next month - admitted motherhood has made her "exhausted", and insists giving birth to the little one so close to the movie's release date was 'bad timing'.

She added: 'I am exhausted, that's how it's changed me. That and eczema from boiling bottles. I had my child about two weeks before the Skyfall film came out. So it was bad timing."