We've touched on unconventional friendships before - Liz Hurley and Pamela Anderson... Natalie Imburgledidleleeya and The Kings of Leon... Amy Winehouse and Martin Fowler... but the coupling of Britney Spears and Mel Gibson is still brain boggling. They've enjoyed a few dinners together, and now she's headed off with Mel on his private jet to spend some time in his Costa Rican pad. You know, for a bit of a mini-break. Her dad Jamie's gone with her so it's not that mental a scenario, but how did it get to this stage? According to sources: "They're just going away for a few days to relax... Mel and his wife Robin clearly saw a woman in crisis and wanted to extend themselves in any way possible. There are no expectations, there is no agenda. It's simply an act of human kindness." That's bound to generate a load of media interest... which would be handy if, let's say, some film of biblical proportions required promoting... "BRRRRITANNY SPEEEEEERS ISSS THE VIRGION MAAAARY INNNNNN SOME MULTIMILLION-DOLLEEER HOLY GOOOOORE FEST!" *cue footage of Britney giving birth in a pile of hay*. You know, Mel's probably whisked Britney away in a bid to convince her to let him actually film the emergence of her rumoured womb fodder for the inevitable movie. Yep, lots of grapes on the vine are claiming she's with child, whereas I reckon she's just piled on a few since living with her dad. What? He's a chef!