I don’t want to hear one crude joke about “rising” stock prices, come on people, you’re better than that.

South Korea have finally gotten rid of a law which criminalised extramarital sex, so as you’d expect everyone went about their business and it made little difference to the economy. Oh, there was one little thing though, shares in the nation’s top condom and morning after pill manufacturers soared to the legal limit.

After the ruling, which only seven of the court’s nine judges voted in favour of, the nation’s largest condom maker, Unidis, saw its shares rise by 15%, while Hyundai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, makers of the morning-after pill, saw an increase of 9.7%.

It’s as if the economists think that people enjoy sex. Those economists, eh? Filthy yokes.

The law, which was passed in 1953, was originally created to protect women, or more importantly wives of adulterous men, seeing as the population was male dominant, and divorce was rare.

Threatening a man with two years in jail, the maximum penalty, might seem a little over the top, but it’s certainly one way to keep him faithful. Although, there were 892 indictments of the charge last year, and 5,400 since 2008, so we can only assume that South Korean either have a very pleasant jail system. Can't think of any other reason. Nope. Not one.

Via The Guardian