Although the video itself circulated Twitter a few weeks back, it somehow found a newer, bigger audience last night - to the point where it out-trended Electric Picnic for all of last night.

A video, showing an unnamed man attempting to dump a mattress in rural Ireland, went viral again, this time completely uncensored and as profane as you'd expect. For all of Ireland's love of, say, Billie Eilish, shouting matches on the side of a road are more likely to pique interest.

As of Saturday morning, #SorryMeHole is still the number one trending topic in Ireland, with everyone from the Irish Farmers' Association to Amnesty Ireland director Colm O'Gorman and screenwriter Mark O'Halloran tweeting out the video.

Here's a few of the tweets we've seen on the video so far.

There you have it, folks.

Greta Thunberg's yacht and her impassioned speeches are all fine and well, but in this part of the world, the environment is being protected by an angry man in a red van who uses the 'c**t' liberally and berates people for flytipping.

Ireland's in safe hands.