Brooke Vincent (Sally and Kevin's teen lesbian off Corrie) wants to get herself in the papers a lot of late, so she's saying a load of super interesting things involving lesbian clinches with Rihanna (taking a leaf out of Cheryl Cole's book there) and just generally being able to eat whatever she wants *twirls*

First, the line involving her character Sophie and Rihanna: "I'd have Rihanna as her dream girlfriend." And that's it. That's all she said and it's one of the stop stories in The Sun's online edition. Wow.

She did say something marginally more interesting, however, involving Snoop and his on-going quest to appear on Corrie: "I think he should [appear], I like Snoop Dogg. And apparently Kim Kardashian wants to be on 'Corrie' as well, so she can come and show her arse off! Snoop could be like my drug dealer or something. I'd get addicted to drugs off Snoop Dogg."

That would be more believable than the teen lesbian wedding plot we were forced to swallow last Christmas.

As for the being skinny thing, she added: "I literally eat so many McDonalds, I don't do any exercise, I'm not sure how I stay in shape. I'm sure one day I will wake up and be huge."

You're 20, Brooke, enjoy it while you can (the next five to eight years tops).