Why? Because they can, and Pop Tart's are the best toaster based, sugar-filled breakfast snack on the market.

If we had our way, there'd be a lot more breakfast beers floating around, but unfortunately we don't, so we have to wait for companies to decide to do it themselves, like 21st Amendment, a Sand Francisco based brewery.

They've created a Pop-Tart flavoured India Red Ale. You could be forgiven for thinking that it's a novelty, but with a 7.6% Vol and coming in a 19.2 oz.(568ml) can, we're pretty sure they're serious about this one. 

The beer is a homage to the brewery's new facility, which used to be a Kellogg's factory which made Frostie's and Pop-Tarts. 

So where's the Frosties beer, and the Rice Crispies, or the Coco Pops? More importantly, how do we go about getting some of this delicious Pop-Tart tipple?


Via Fortune