We all know that the Irish Government does serious, important work on behalf of all of us.

That's not to say that, sometimes, they can step out of line or do the odd daft thing here and there. You'd really have to wonder, however, what caused someone with an Irish government IP address to do this.

The IrishGovEdits Twitter account monitors Wikipedia and tweets out a message whenever someone with an IP for the Irish government makes an edit to any of the articles. On May 19th of this year, someone logged on to Wikipedia and made the following edit to an article pertaining to the somewhat obscure Dat Boi meme.

No, really. Here's the edit in question at the top of the article.

o shit waddup

So, as you can imagine, we did a little bit of digging to see who exactly owns the IP address and where in the Irish Government it belongs to. As it turns out, the IP address is masked through a proxy - however the Twitter account has clocked that it's from a government IP.

The person in question, however, has also done a number of edits across Wikipedia, including some edits for DC Cinematic Universe, the footballer David De Gea and a few other random edits.

Wikipedia has since blocked the IP and it believes to be a school. Our thinking? This goes all the way to the top.


Via Twitter