When you own a car worth over a million quid, you have to assume that haters are gonna hate, but this seems a bit much. 

Valued at about £1.5 million, you can imagine that the Bugatti Veyron would be the pride and joy of most people, even if they are a multi-millionaire and already own a fleet of cars.

So, you'd obviously take good care of it and hope that no harm befalls it, but for one owner, they were not so lucky as someone spray-painted some graffiti in the shape of...well you can work that out for yourselves by looking at the picture. While it has long been said that the people who drive these types of car are compensating for something, this vandal wanted to make it very clear that they thought that to be true in this case. 

Undoubtedly, if the owner can afford a Veyron, then the repairs probably won't make that much of an impact, but much like the car itself they won't come cheap. Plus, you'll look like this (only a lot faster) driving around until you can get it fixed. 

Via Unilad. Main pic via Wikipedia