The internet really has allowed commerce to thrive in every industry, including the rather niche area of flatulence shipping. 

Before it was a laborious process to get a sample of a fart from somewhere in the world sent to you for whatever it is that you want to do with it (please, don't tell us, we really would prefer not to know) but those days are now finally over, thanks to one innovative entrepreneur. 

Roy Stanton is the mind behind this project, which promises a selection of "farts from 80 different nationalities [that] have been collected for your sniffing pleasure", so you're spoiled for choice when it comes to what you want to smell. We feel we should probably underline that you will be smelling a fart, no matter what you order. Here's the incredible professional video that outlines what the service does. 

Anyway, as if that weren't clear enough, on the Kickstarter page for Fart in a Jar you can get a run down of every nation from which there are farts available, and then decide how much of your cold hard cash you want to back this project with. For example, for a mere $50 you'll get an impressive seven farts in a jar, each still freshly sealed and with a note of authenticity, while the real top end fart lovers out there may want to splash out $500 to get 80, yes that's 80 different farts in a jar. You can only pray to God that you don't drop the box containing all the jars, the stench may well be powerful enough to burn your eyebrows off. 

While that all seems reasonable, there's still a long way to go for this fart bottler and his business, as at the time of writing, there have only been five backers pledging a total of $143 towards the $10,000 goal. That may have taken the wind out of poor Roy's sails, we fear.

We know the burning question that has been on your lips this whole time and yes, there is already an Irish fart in the collection, which the page describes as "light-hearted". If you want to quibble with that description or even send a sample of your own, and we can't emphasise this enough, DO NOT contact us. Contact the fart guy on the Kickstarter page. All fart samples sent to us will be returned or thrown off a bridge. 

Via Mashable. Main pic via LuAnn Snawder Photography/Flickr