Ever love Friends so much that you wanted it to be a daily part of your life? To be able to zoom in on the adventures of Ross and Rachel whenever you like, to see if Joey and the chick and the duck were still okay? To gather the gang on the couch in Central Perk for a banter like the good old days? Well if you're really serious about it and have The Sims 4, now you can.

One of the fancy new features of The Sims 4 is that you can customize the look of your Sim people and their environments to exceptional detail, which allowed one gamer to not only create proxies for Ross, Rachel and the rest of the gang, but also to recreate both apartments and Central Perk in staggering detail. And the man behind it, Ian Roach, certainly didn't do it by half.

Obviously they're not photo perfect because the game has its limitations (and can't rip off things for the sake of it) but these images from Roach are pretty impressive. And just in case you thought this was something that he doesn't do often, think again. Over on his imgur profile you can also have a gander at Seinfeld Sims, Arrested Development Sims and Golden Girls Sims in extreme detail. His Bea Arthur is scarily good.