There have been times in the Man Cave's past where we've thought that a savoury donut would be just what the doctor ordered, but we believed that no culinary visionary had yet invented it...until now. 

Frankly, the quality of donut offered in this nation of ours is generally sub-par, at best, so we hold out little hope for the savoury donut hitting our shores any time soon, but if one does make its way here, we want it to be the mac and cheese bacon donut. 

The folks at PYT Burger in Philadelphia are the mad geniuses behind this concoction, as well as a whole host of other delicious/deadly sounding donut based dishes, including a cheeseburger stuffed donut, but the bacon mac and cheese, the newest addition to their menu, may well be their finest work to date. 

According to themselves, it is a "warm glazed donut stuffed with cheesy, bacon-y mac & cheese, topped with crumbled bacon". We have no idea how many calories are in one of these, but figuring that out more than likely involves multiplying one number to the power of ten, and also possibly just crossing your fingers for good luck. We still want one though.