Crickets are the future, at least when it comes to making protein bars, it seems. 

Your beloved dairy based protein shakes are on the way out, and Crobar is the future. At least that's what marathon runner Christine Spliid is hoping, after she set up a Kickstarter which hopes to raise £10,000 (just over €13,600) to get the operation off the ground. 

The new bar is for the health conscious consumer it seems, and is made from cricket powder, in case you were concerned about a stray leg ending up caught between your teeth. 

You apparently won't be able to taste them at all either, you'll merely be given the live-giving power of whatever it is that crickets have that's good for you through the bar, and the powder will be mixed with nuts an cocoa for that cricket-free flavour you've come to know and love. Indeed, they're making an effort to avoid any actual flavour of crickets getting into the mix at all, and they even feed them vegetables and fruit to help them taste "nuttier", before smashing them up and making a powder out of them. 

At the time of writing they had just under £3,500 raised, so they have a way to go yet, but they're unlikely to be the last people trying to convince us to eat bugs in the coming years, even the UN reckons we should be doing it.

Via Mashable