There's always an element of the unknown when chatting to someone online, and given the (sort of) anonymity that dating apps can provide, there are a few out there who feel that level of removal gives them a bit of leeway to be a more amped up version of themselves, and cross a few boundaries of decency along the way. 

One particular hacker decided to put that to the test and see what the results would be if he was able to match some guys (let's use the term "bros", for ease of understanding here) and match them with other bros without them knowing. 

He contacted The Verge with the results of his experiment, explaining that he'd set up what was essentially a dummy profile with a picture of well known Vlogger Boxxy, at least for the first few, and then a picture of his friend who had consented to her image being used in this little trick. The messages were then relayed through that profile from one guy to another, to see both how they treat each other and how they would react when they found out that they weren't actually chatting to a woman, but rather another bro. 

Pics via The Verge

The hashtag #BrosSwipingBros has started up as a result, and will hopefully have a few more examples of what it's like to be the object of a a bro's affections.

Via The Verge