The superstar singer was staying at the luxurious Soho Farmhouse resort in Oxford at the time.

Adele reportedly called room service to bring herself, boyfriend Simon Konecki and 3-year-old son Angelo, a pizza during her stay there.

However, she didn’t want the pizza the hotel made. Oh no. She wanted a pizza from the takeaway in her hometown which is in Kensington, West London.

That’s 70 miles away from the resort.

So a hotel staff member was dispensed to make the four hour long journey.

However, by the time the takeaway arrived at 3am, Adele had fallen asleep.

A source at the resort told The Sun: “It was still in the box when the maid came next morning.”

Adele’s spokespeople have apparently declined to comment.

We’re hoping this is the last of Adele’s diva behaviour…


Via The Sun