As we all know, today's Valentine's Day.

That means plenty of marriage proposals, furious Tinder swiping, hastily-bought flowers and chocolates or maybe, just maybe, some people don't buy into a holiday popularised by an American stationery maker. Nah, of course not.

Anyway, public proposals have been a real scourge thing lately, with people proposing at concerts, cinemas, in the middle of parades - just about anywhere they can force people to acknowledge their relationships and make as big a splash as possible.

James Grieg, however, may have topped this. He's used the Observer Magazine to propose to his girlfriend, Katie Moore.



No pressure, then. He just used the frontpage of a rapidly dying medium to ask her to partake in a ritual ceremony that is also dying out. Good job all round. Well done. Not at all clawing or desperately attention-seeking in any way, shape or form.

Are we just bitter, worn-out husks of human beings that we can't see how nice this is? Or is it actually something you'd want yourself?

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Via Guardian