It's a rare thing find anything complimentary regarding Sharon Osbourne to find its way to this page. You know, 'cause she mainly resorts to slapping people/dousing them in water/sending them boxed up faeces rather than verbally communicating her issue with them.

She had something of a turnaround during a magazine interview with Psychologies magazine, however. She actually uttered something of use. You might recall Sharon's open disdain for Rebecca Loos when she appeared on Celebrity X Factor (it namely involved jibes regarding her "alleged" affair with David Beckham). Afterwards, Loos called Osbourne a "hypocrite", saying Sharon and Ozzy started their relationship while the latter was married. Well, this is what she had to say by way of explanation:

"I wasn't judging [Rebecca] for that. But I fell in love with Ozzy and we're still together. She had a fling and used it as a career move. There's a difference... I wasn't so much getting at her, as defending Victoria. You know, Rebecca sleeps with a married man, and then she not only brags about it in the papers but she slags off his wife whom she doesn't know the first thing about. It makes me angry when women don't support each other, and Rebecca was one of those women."