Hands aloft who finds Russell Brand particularly tiresome (especially since his adhesion to the Perry bird). OK, that's fair enough, but there's no denying his way wiv words 'n fings. He really does get it spot on some times. This fine example is a response to an American journalist who questioned Brand "about that incident..."

"It was not the nature of the phone call itself; it was the nature of socialist construction of the country I’m from. We have a thing called the BBC. The BBC is publicly funded. The privately owned media want to destroy the BBC because it's brilliant. And the privately owned media - mostly Rupert Murdoch, who I'm sure some of you work for; in fact I work for him, so I've got to be careful - they don’t like me or Jonathan Ross. The Daily Mail, a powerful newspaper in the United Kingdom, they don’t like us because we're both from working class backgrounds. I'm a former drug addict, and instead of dying, I've gone on and f*cked everyone, and made loads of money. That’s not the story they want. 'Drug Addict Found Dead in Gutter' - that’s drug addicts for the Daily Mail. It's confusing for their message. Plus, I'm innately anti-establishment in my behavior and stance. So they want to destroy me."