Snippets from his Playboy interview are still careering around the online grapevine. The Fall Out Boy is to be saluted for his openness regarding his chronic anxiety and agoraphobic tendencies - however, maybe he should also advocate some kind've therapy in conjunction with the meds ("You wouldn't want to know what my Xanax tolerance is. It's very, very high"), I find that works best.

Other than that - hats off to you Pete, it's good to talk, I'm sure Joe Simpson will be beside himself to read the following (assuming he buys Playboy for the articles): "If I don't take an Ambien, I'll sleep for an hour. With Ambien, I'll sleep from 2am to seven (am). But, if you don't fall asleep, Ambien makes you hallucinate. About four months ago I took Ambien and almost set the house on fire... She (presumably his pregnant wife, Ashlee Simpson) goes to bed at eight... so it's just me and the dogs, hanging out. You don't even know the transcendent conversations we have." Like the ones your fists have with cars when you find out an ex was cheating on you? "I got into my car to leave her (girlfriend), and I smashed it into two other cars. It was like bumper cars. I wasn't in my right head; this was pure anger and frustration. Then I got out and started punching out car windows. That's when the police pulled up. I punched the side mirror off a car, and an officer grabbed me. I made an attempt to punch him as well. It was pretty pathetic. He handcuffed me and put me in the back of a car... The neighbours were outside and the girl was crying. I had to call my manager from jail."

Why she strayed is baffling.