The following is a (rough) transcript of his acceptance speech. Looking like he'd just hopped off a bus from the midlands (seriously, fellah, you're representing the country. Next time get a white shirt, iron it, have a shave and perhaps a dalliance with a tie); he said: "Tanks. Go raibh mile maith agat... This is amazing... Me and Marketa... What are we doing here?... This has made our night. We made this film two years ago and shot it on two Handycams. It took us three weeks to make. We made it for a hundred grand... We never thought we'd come into a room like this and be in front of you amazing people. It is amazing. Thanks for taking this film seriously. It means a lot to us. This is amazing. Make art. Make art." Marketa then went to say her piece but was blasted out of it with her own song by the house orchestra and thus forced to flee the stage, followed by award presenter John Travolta (who appears to favouring black felt instead of hair). All winners got 60 seconds for their acceptance speeches but Hansard just kept prattling on and on... Jon Stewart felt so sorry for Marketa backstage (Outspan reportedly kept asking his missus' statue to fornicate with his. Marketa allegedly showed her, eh, innocence by saying "but they're both men," to which Hansard bellowed - "but its HALLAYWOOD!" He then broke out into a jig. I made that last part up for the Americans), the host invited her back out to "enjoy" her moment. You can watch what happened by jumping into here.

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