"I'm not gonna sit and pretend I'm hard as nails. It did make me feel like s**t. I did cry about it. I was a young girl and everyone was saying the others were stunning and I was the ugly one. No young girl wants to be seen like that. I was even embarrassed with my boyfriend at the time. I wondered if he felt like he was going out with the ugly one. Does anybody really give a s**t whether I might not be as pretty as the rest of the girls? Is it really that big a deal? No it isn't. Not any more. I stopped being so fixated on becoming this pretty, bronzed, blonde commercial-looking woman and started to lean towards wanting to be individual, left of field and different. I am never ever going to look like that, so what's the point? What happened is that I so desperately wanted to look like that it was messing my head up, so I started to sway to the other side."

Is anyone else starting to warm to her?