Not many words, mind. Here they are: "My dad's a stockbroker who studied law and economics and his dad was a politician. But I know both him and my mum still very proud of me... Though they are still a bit confused and cautious."

Now might be a good time to point out that she's talking about her "career". This raises a few question, hence the separate post instead of it being wedged somewhere into today's "rumours" segment. Were her parents "a bit confused and cautious" when they signed her up to appear in her first role aged 8? If so, why did they continue to facilitate her career? Or perhaps Mischa took it upon herself to hop on a bus and hunt down an acting agent before she hit the milestone of ten. Oohp, apologies - that was Keira Knightly.

In all seriousness though, why are they "confused and cautious" of something they've no doubt been involved in for nearly 15 years. Aaaahh, unless they mean her sideline career, which involves attending functions with a view to getting photographed? How can one ensure that? Why, by turning up at New York Fashion week dressed as Debbie Gibson, circa 1988, avec tumbling hair extensions... That is confusing and something to be avoided.