You have to hand it to her agent - the Heaton is getting herself around since her departure from the Big Brother house. She was on T4 last weekend, The Sunday Night Project and she's had various features in Heat. Not bad going for someone who's not technically had a career in quite some time. Here's an interview she conducted with New magazine in which she expresses sadness at her soon-to-be-official-ex-husband Andy Scott Lee's recent gripes to different tabloids:

"I'm sure Andy may have used (the word "slag") but I don't believe he used it in that context (aaah, yes, he must've meant it in the entirely different context of the word...) I can't imagine he'd be that cruel. I'm just telling myself he didn't say that because I believe he's not really that nasty... I was really disappointed because I thought we had an understanding. Last time I spoke to Andy, a couple of months ago, he said, 'I promise I won't do anything again to hurt you. I’ve got a girlfriend now and you’ve got a boyfriend, and we’ve both moved on.' I told him, 'I completely agree. I think that's very mature'. So when I read (his interview) I just felt really let down, kind of disappointed. I just feel it's sad that he (wait for it...) feels he needs to earn a living through me." OOoooooouch *swings handbag wildly*. Next month's divorce hearing is bound to be a barrel of hoots.