Of socialising, she said - "At the moment I don't drink alcohol - it tastes like hairspray. Maybe I'll get a taste for it and go off the rails." I LOVE how she said "at the moment". Of her fitness regime, she said; "I do belly dancing - it's great for your abs. My mum used to teach ballet and always told me to work out doing something I enjoyed. I would try pole dancing." And finally, just because everyone wants to give either Britney, Pete or Amy some advice, she said of Britters, "I don't know why she's always out. She's not going to get better if she's being chased around by loads of people. She needs her own private time to herself. She needs to start making some good decisions." Hey, Britney didn't drink and used to have good abs... it's only a matter of time...  I mean, she's already admitted she's hot for Simon Cowell's "power". Clearly easily led.