In what could be described as a timely outburst from the Bo Selecta creator (his new show, starring him as Keef Lemon, starts on ITV2 tomorrow night); the russet locked one has finally turned on one of his many muses: "Craig David was slagging me off in the press over Christmas (apparently the singer called him a "one trick pony"). It was bizarre, because he gave me free publicity every time he did it. They didn't even use a picture of him, they used a picture of me in a mask. So I thought 'everytime you talk about me being rubbish then I'm going to do you'. He always harps on about 'proper' comedians like Ricky Gervais. He said I was damaging what he did. But I didn't write his songs, did I? What I was doing was the kid from the film Kes with Craig David's name and a daft voice. That's all… But I think 'If you keep saying bad things about me, then I'll say what I think about you'. I never said anything bad about him before. I actually liked him. The weird thing about it all is now we've stopped making Bo Selecta, he still harps on about it." Oh, you both love it.