Anna Nicole Smith's now two-year-old daughter, Dannielynn, was born with Strabismus syndrome. This resulted in surgery to correct one of her crossed eyes last February. This is what her father, Larry Birkhead, had to say of the matter: "The surgery went very well. We still patch her to make sure the eyes stay equally strong - they're still adjusting. She wears the patch a couple hours a day but she fights it, so some days she doesn’t wear it at all. There’s a chance she might have to have another surgery... I'm so paranoid medically with what we've been through. If she has a sniffle: straight to the doctors. Anna had a fever when she passed away." Anna was also doing a horse load of drugs, if youtube footage of her caked in clown makeup, slurring her words and pushing a doll filled pram is anything to go by.