Of the paparazzi, she said: "I know that I am very lucky, but sometimes the intrusion is a very predatory force. When you are leaving your front door and paparazzi who are a lot bigger than you are shouting, 'You're a whore' to try and make you cry that obviously is not great. I am told by a lot of the paparazzi who follow me that they are helping my career but, by that logic, Paris Hilton should be the biggest box-office catch in the world and she isn't... It is not good for any actor when your life becomes the story because, in your acting work, you are trying to tell a different story. What's more, there is actual proof that if actors get too much attention, people just don't go and see the film. That sort of over-exposure is something to be wary of."

Being called a whore is never nice, it happens to me on a daily basis, but your paparazzi predicament could be alleviated by the following... Firstly, I know it might be near impossible for you, but make a concerted effort to put some meat on the bones. Secondly, stop providing useless insights about yourself (although I understand you're probably contractually obliged to divulge a certain amount upon the release of whatever period drama you're starring in that week). And, thirdly, get that "neck problem" of yours sorted out. You know, the alleged "neck tension" that causes you to pout whenever there's a camera nearby? If you get those three things sorted the press will have no other reason to harass you. Hey, it worked for Kate Winslet!