Jill's a singer / songwriter from America who released a song 14 years ago called I Kissed a Girl. Of Katy Perry, Jill said to TheRumpus:

"As a musician, I have always refrained from criticizing another artist. I was, 'Well, good for her.' It did bug me a little bit, however, when she said she came up with the idea for the title in a dream. In truth, she wrote it with a team of professional writers and was signed by the very same guy that signed me in 1995. I have not mentioned that in interviews as I don't want to sound bitter or petty, because that's not me. Okay, maybe, if I really think about it, there were a few jealous and p***ed off moments. So here goes, for the first time in an interview... 'F*** you Katy Perry, you f***ing stupid, maybe 'not good for the gays', title thieving, haven't heard much else so not quite sure if you're talented, f***ing little slut'."

Now there's a catchy title for a single if ever there was one.