Some might have noticed that we've been steering clear of this topic, probably because it's so personal in nature, but the fact that Jade Goody is actually going to die of cancer, and it could very well be filmed, can't go unmentioned.

The 27-year-old said this to The News of The World over the weekend: "I've lived my whole adult life talking about my life. The only difference is that I'm talking about my death now. It's OK. I've lived in front of the cameras. And maybe I'll die in front of them. And I know some people don't like what I'm doing but at this point I really don't care what other people think. Now, it's about what I want... When I first knew I had cancer I worked out a strategy. I thought if I earn enough money while I'm sick there will be enough for them (her two boys, Bobby who's five and Freddie who's four) to go to private school until they are 18. I know people think I'm betraying my roots by sending them to a private school but I want them to have the very best chance in life they can have. And that's what my money is for. What's the point of everything I have if I can't do that for them?"

For those who don't know, Jack Tweed proposed to Jade last Friday after finding out she's terminal, they've already exchanged rings and plan to marry within the next two weeks (reportedly as soon as this coming Sunday) before she gets too frail. A "pal" said: "Not only have they got to nail down the venue, they need to find one big enough for a film crew to the occasion for her TV show. It will be an incredibly emotional occasion but she wants it to be something her kids and Jack can look back on… Jade also has to think about his (Jack's) tag (the one he's worn since being released from prison for assault), which means he has to be home by 7pm every night."

Jade, the likelihood of you reading this is nil, but I implore you, speaking as someone who watched a mother die, some things do not need to be committed to camera, irrespective of the money attached. The memories are harsh enough for those left behind, without your children, you know, possibly being able to stumble across footage on You Tube. And don't even get me started on what it means for the boundaries of broadcasting...

UPDATE: According to various sources, Cervical Cancer checks have increased by over 20% since Goody's show has been broadcast on Living.