Of piddling his pants after drinking too much water before going onstage to play Gaston in Beauty and The Beast, he said:

"I thought, 'I'll be all right.' The number featured (character) Belle and me; I chased her around the stage, lifting her up, dragging her, singing the whole time. Then I realised, 'No way!' I was sucking in air, trying to sing and dance. I picked her up and realised I peed my pants a little. The very last note is a big time F sharp... (and) you have to release certain muscles to hit it, the same ones that allow you to hold on when you have to go to the bathroom. I thought, 'S**t, if I sing this note, I'm going to pee my pants; if I don't, I'm going to look humiliated. The actor in me took over… I thought, 'These red tights must be waterproof'. I was laughing as if I'd gotten away with it. But the audience was looking at me funny. It had seeped through and my pants were completely wet."

That's a charming story, Hugh. That's usually the type of story one would normally like to keep localised. Wait a minute... have you a film coming out or something? You do?! Of course you do. What's it called? Aaaahhhh, yes, it's the Baz Lurhrmann thingy, Austrailia, which has it's world premiere next Tuesday. Thanks for sharing.