The 19-year-old's 75-year-old grandmother, Lyudmila, dutifully sent an open letter to The Sun from her native Kazakhstan, saying: "To me this is pure idiocy. She should get her head screwed on. If Katia asked me for some advice, I'd tell her he's obviously using you to make himself believe he's still potent at his age.  But looking at him, do you think he's got anything potent there? When I first saw him on TV, I was so horrified I nearly fell off my chair (the Rolling Stones evidently aren't so big in Kazakhstan)… Please don't let Wood be my new grandson-in-law. Don't marry the old fool. Katia will probably marry and if something goes wrong, she'll end up with money. But to me he's an ugly creature. He's simply disgusting." Well, you know what they say about like attracting like.