And the (PR) circus surrounding her reality show continues with yet another retort. Denise is angry that Charlie Sheen is angry that she's making their toddlers part of the cast. She is quoted by In Touch Magazine as saying: "This is the first time I've publicly commented on one of his attacks, but I need to take a stand at some point. He's such an angry person. This court battle wasn't about our girls on the show, it was him battling me. He wasn't trying to protect the kids at all." No wonder they got on so well initially. IMDB reports: "Richards insists Sheen attempted to use the reality show as leverage to change their custody agreement - and was so convinced he'd win the latest battle in the couple's bitter divorce and custody war he had a victory statement prepared. She adds, 'He lost. So now he wants my show to fail'." *cue bad Helen Lovejoy impression* Will someone PLEASE think of the CHILDREN?!