"My guilty pleasure is porn, porn is great. People say it's misogynistic, but I think people who like porn are in support of feminist movements, like myself. I am all for it, I feel like women's liberation is part of me, it's a cause I want to fight, yet I like porn. You can have the cake and eat it too... I like to think that I have a relatively healthy sex life and I don't always require porn, but on those lonely days when its raining outside there is nothing wrong with a bit of YouPorn."

I dunno, the badly lit amateur stuff on YouPorn is fairly ropey. Anyway, nobody wants to think of you in a darkened room, lonely and fiddling with yourself, Merriweather. You've already violated one of our senses with shoddy Smiths covers; kindly keep the visual imagery to yourself and have the courtesy to feel slightly ashamed while desperately clearing your "private data" like the rest of us.