When he's not lamenting how Leigh Francis has ruined his life, trying to fit an unnecessary amount of words into one lyric line, or honing his ronnie, he's declaring his love of the "smell when you open a fresh pair of trainers. That box fresh smell is incredible... I put them in a special cupboard in my dressing room. I'm excessive but never too excessive. There's four or five (pairs) of the same trainer - maybe that is excessive... One thing I take pride in are clean fresh trainers, it stems back to a kid not being able to afford top of the range trainers. When I first got my Nike Huarach, which was a big kind of trainer at the time, I had £70 saved up and I couldn't wait to go to my local trainer store and buy these trainers and then I didn’t wear them for a year which was a bit weird." You're a bit weird.