The "journalist" had this to say of her first book Welcome To My World (shopping?), while recently promoting her second book, Coleen's Real Style (pajamas, velour tracksuits, smock dresses and MASSIVELY oversized heels?), on GMTV:

"I think writing a book - it's a big commitment. You know, you're putting yourself on the line to get criticised and stuff, and when I first (did) it, I was just hoping that it (did) well and, you know, it got good reviews… But then when it went into the bestseller list - and it just kept creeping up and creeping up - and then one day I got the paper and it was number one, and it was just really good." And then I went shopping, and then I reminded Wayne about the time he did a granny prostitute, and then I pawed through some magazines, and then went shopping again, and then I went WEEEEEEEE all the way home... to check my bank balance.