The DJ/media mogul posted this on his blog after his new wife, Natasha Shishmanian, delivered their baby boy, Noah Nicholas Martin Evans:

"Tash was admitted into hospital last night, or at least checked into her room and then immediately declared that we go out for one last pre-Noah meal even though she happened to be in labour at the time. We went to the great Giorgio Locatelli's place... When we told his front of house girls, all Italian, that Tash was actually almost having a baby, they loved it. I'm sure they were willing her to have it there and then. We laughed all the way through our dinner, what a way to kill the pain and suspense of labour - highly recommended..."

It wasn't all sh*ts and giggles, however: "There was a bit of a twist, in his case, his umbilical chord wrapped not once but twice around his neck, poor little fella, so mum did most of the pushing and then towards the end enjoyed a wee bit of help from a very nice man called Pat. I think I may love him, I know Tash definitely does... I would also like to point out that he (Noah, not the dude called Pat), so far, is the only one of the three of us, not to have cried!"

Now THAT, bar the possible strangulation by a bellybutton chord, is a lovely story. Much more positive than the usual tales of constant vomiting, sweeps, perineal snipping...