Of her inability to stay faithful, Amy's ex-husband said this to say during a (presumably lucrative) interview with The Sun:

"She did it time after time. She kept cheating on me, and kept saying sorry. And I kept saying, 'It's alright, I forgive you.' The nastier she was, the more in love I became. And she couldn't believe her luck… My relationship with Amy was very beautiful and intense - and very physical. It was built on sex from day one and was always mind blowing. She is even better at sex than she is at singing (which means she's probably a bit ropey at the sex now)… You should have seen the state of them (her additional lovers), especially Alex Haines (her manager's aide). I can't even understand why she did it (she might have mistook him for you). And I still can't believe Amy is friends with Sadie Frost after she f***ed her boyfriend (Kristian Marr. Doesn't he look a bit like prebupescent alien?)... If I was the person she had these flings with, I may have thought it's not the best idea to sleep with someone who is out of their mind, can barely speak and probably weighs about five stone (didn't you sneak into hospital after she overdosed to give her a rattle before you went into prison? Then again, you were her husband). But that's their cross to bear and I think she's just very lonely and has always used her sexuality to make friends."