On 'I'm a Celeb' host, Declan Donnelly, the 53-year-old "supermodel" said: "Dec is so hot. I want to put him in a thong and play wild games with him. Grrowl! He has sex appeal - he’s an international sex symbol." Of her boyfriend, she said: "As soon as I get off the plane, I’m going to drag my boyfriend into the ladies’ room. I’ll walk out a happy camper." Of Cerys Matthews and Marc Bannerman, she said: "I saw the love story. I shot my JD cupid arrow and as soon as that hit it was on. There was sexual energy - phenomenal, hard-driving, jam-slamming, heart-dropping sexual energy." Of her fellow celebs, she said:" I was totally unappreciated. I was never asked my opinion. People would tell me to f*** off. No one comforted me, except the rat that bit my finger. I didn't even get to cook. I’m a working celebrity - they’re has-beens. F*** 'em! What has John done? What has Rodney done, what has J done? What the hell has Cerys done? I didn't like the group at all. Of winner Christopher Biggins, she said; "Biggins is a p**** - he's nasty. He's a has-been. I mean what exactly is a pantomime? Is that on in 110 countries? My TV shows are... He had the hots for J, that's a fact. But J wasn't going to go there - God, no. He fancied Gemma big time. He would have loved to have been her guy." Personally, I think Janice was referring to herself in the last sentence, did yous see her pawing at Gemma in that video montage when the boobs Atkinson got kicked out?