Star magazine has reported the following regarding Jennifer's fallopian fodder:

"Jen has been undergoing fertility treatments, determined to have a pair of babies (that would be twins) with John. As we told readers earlier this year, Jen's biological clock began ticking so loudly that she had some of her eggs frozen just in case she didn't meet Mr. Right in time. But now that she's proposed to John - as Star also reported - and he's excited about being a dad, she's doing everything she can to conceive before her 40th birthday in February. She's even been having alternative medicine treatments to increase her chances of having twins. She knows her baby-making years are limited. It's hard for her to think of anything else - she has babies on the brain!... He (John) ordered a bunch of books on Amazon about pregnancy and parenting... He's just as eager as Jen is. They've discussed how they plan to raise their kids, and they agree on mostly everything. They can't wait to be parents together."

So they agree "on mostly everything" and he's not screaming wildly in the opposite direction, attempting to throw a leg over any girl that happens to get in his path? That's a good starting point.