People often query why Irish Celebrities don't have a massive presence on this page. It is because they rarely do anything of note - whether it be something worthy of praise or total ridicule. For instance, the only Irish celebs that've been discussed here are various members of U2 (a given really), certain members of The Coors (but not the story related to certain members of U2...), innumerable Faddler-related pieces (in his heyday... we miss your pearls, Colin), the odd gaff about Dunphy, two stories featuring Johnny Logan (thanks to his leather fringe jacket), and one about Rosanna Davison (can't recall what it contained, it was probably about that dress she wore to the IFTAs). I wanted to do a "Rumours" piece about the Irish Rugby Team, but wasn't allowed... and as for Katy French, we've somehow managed to leave her be. Until now, that is. It's pretty difficult to blank a sensitive headline like "Katy French was brought back from the dead after a series of heart attacks brought on by a suspected cocaine overdose." For those who don't know French; she is a successful Irish model who has been tabloid fodder since her break-up with restaurateur Marcus Sweeney. Such articles written about her include how she never did cocaine, to how she used to be a "snorty girl". She appeared on 'Celebrities go Wild.' She celebrated her 24th birthday party last Thursday and was rushed to hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning after she "fell ill" at a house party. She is currently in a critical condition in Navan hospital and has yet to regain consciousness. Sources there are remaining tight-lipped as to what her illness might be. Bottom line is, Katy French has done something of extreme note - she has highlighted the perils which oft come with the coveted celebrity lifestyle. Not to mention the fragility of life.