A genius in the IMDB news section wrote: "Madonna's representatives are baffled by reports the singer ordered a yoga class to evacuate a room at a New York gym, so she 'could practice her moves alone'. The Evita star was told to stop talking by an instructor at the Reebok Sports Club session, prompting the unimpressed star to shout out, 'I want you all to leave'... After the 25 students and teacher abandoned the studio, Madonna allegedly launched into a private routine - and didn't bother to stop when another class turned up for a session (hilarious). A representative for the singer has laughed off the reports, insisting, 'That sounds unlikely'." Said laughing representative has obviously never seen 'In Bed With Madonna.' In other pressing Madonna news; the singer has started eating porridge in a bid to put on weight. A source said: "Guy prefers his wife when she looks girly and feminine. He's not a fan of her more aggressive, super-toned and muscular look, which is why she has softened her image." In other words, Guy prefers staring at pictures of his wife from the early '90s.