You know that thing where people say that true evil doesn't exist and that it's just misguided or warped sensibilities.

Yeah, that's complete horsesh*t because someone thought that you could mix peas and mayonnaise together in a pizza. The whole thing began last night on Twitter when a user, going by the name FOX152, decided to post a picture of said concoction. The tweet itself became viral within a matter of hours and, of course, any right-thinking individual would take one look at that combination on a pizza and throw up in the nearest bin or toilet.

For his part, FOX152 hasn't really commented on whether or not the pizza was nice, but we're guessing that he's kept his responses to a minimum unless he wants to end up in jail because someone who likes peas and mayonnaise is clearly a terrorist of some kind.

FOX152, you are history's greatest monster. How dare you.


Via Twitter