Someone who should take note of Stephen King's "covert" promotional story-telling abilities is Wyclef Jean. The 35-year-old singer - who releases his sixth solo album 'The Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant' on Monday, funnily enough - said: "Since the beginning of time drums are known to have hypnotised man, so that's why I've got real heavy grooves inside of the beat and bass to draw people in to the message... The new millennium of kids, they are just fed up with everything going on in the world. They figure that when they turn on the news they are going to see that sh*t anyway, so when they are with friends all they want to do if forget all of that. That's why every record is a party and bulls**t record, down the club. We have to give kids the beats they are looking for, take them to that place where they are listening with their sub mind, and then actually you have taught them something without guzzling it down their throats." Hmmm?! Oh sorry... nodded off.