Unfortunately, sometimes there are people in life who do nothing other than let us down as human beings. Though there's more in this to fuel hours and hours of angry retort, I'll just leave the tweets to sit with you while a burning rage will inevitably fill your chest. How can people be so aggressive?

So you all know of Irish hurler Donal Og Cusack? Well earlier this year the Cloyne native spoke about his homosexuality, explaining to The Irish Daily Star that he would have dated girls as a teenager just to ensure that he was in fact gay. "I knew it was something different but it never became agony for me. I would have went out with girls just to ensure being gay is the way I am."

The 36 year old Irish sportsman took to Twitter earlier today to share a photo of his labrador, to which some absolute excuse for a human being came back with an entirely unwarranted, hurtful and unrelated response. We'd share the entire conversation but truth be told, it's pretty upsetting and distasteful stuff. So best head to Twitter if you can stomach it.