Ever wondered what the Mona Lisa would be like if the subject had been Andrea Pirlo instead of that other woman. y'know...whatsername...eh Lisa, yeah.

Well you no longer need to be so curious, as John Myatt, one of the world's most renowned art forgers has done that for you, and he didn't just stop with Andrea Pirlo.

He has put together, as a promotion for the launch of Sky Sports 5, a few portraits of some of the world's most famous footballers, all in the style of different famous works or artists, and they are truly spectacular. Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard is shown in the style of Joshua Reynolds' portrait of General John Burgoyne, who defeated the Spanish in Portugal and was involved in the American War of Independence.


Speaking of Spanish, Andres Iniesta wasn't left out as he was given the Picasso treatment for his portrait.

Cristiano Ronaldo also made the cut, portrayed in the style of Columbano Bordal Pinheiro, one of the leading Portuguese painters of the 19th Century. 

Last but not least, Arjen Robben was painted in the style of Vincent Can Gogh in his self portrait. 

Via Bleacher Report. Pics via Liverpool Echo