Indeed two people you probably didn't even know were dating have split up. And they looked so happy together at the Grammys a few weeks back. What's happened since then - apart from JLo announcing she's still "in love" with her ex husband?

Instead of coming across with the glaring truth, Anthony's people have come across with the usual "distance was an issue" excuse.

Someone blabbing to Life 'n Syle magazine said: "They called it quits after a year together. They’ve taken breaks before, but this time it seems they're over for good. Marc is always on tour and travelling the world. They're both very busy. It just got to be too much. They both agreed it was time to move on." Especially now that Marc's proven he too can bag someone half his age.

Anthony and Green met at the opening of an LA branch of Topshop. He then wooed the 22-year-old by bringing her on a trip to Disneyland.

According to, Anthony has also recently declared his undying love for Jennifer, saying: "I'll always love Jennifer... She knows that. Jennifer's a wonderful, wonderful woman, a wonderful mother, a wonderful friend, you know. We understand this to be a long story. This is not a short story."

Speaking of short stories; Marc Anthony must be the size of an amoeba if Green has a few inches on him. The spiked hair's fooling no one, Marc.