The jackass had this to say regarding the rumours he's been out partying while undergoing treatment at LA's Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre: "The stories that are circulating right now about me being at some party hitting on random girls and asking to snort drugs from their breasts are not true at all. I will be the first to admit that I've snorted all kinds of drugs, in all sorts of situations, but I take offence to claims that I was running around hitting on random women at a time when I was under the impression that I was engaged to be married." Since he's been admitted to the "loony bin", Steve-O has been "informed by the girl I asked to marry me that she had completely changed her mind about getting married." Steve-O's mood should be elevated further by the news he's had to forfeit his $10k bail for missing a court appearance on Wednesday(for the small matter of cocaine possession and vandalising a neighbour's property). It's OK Steve-O; just go to that happy place where you laugh at your ageing self and the scars on your scrotum.