Are you ready? OK. Jennifer reckons gulping water while she lowers her arms from above her head helps her get rid of hiccups. Jennifer must sprout a third arm whenever required.

She said: "The only thing that ever works for getting rid of hiccups for me is when I drink water and raise my arms over my head and lower them very slowly."

The 23-year-old did just that in front of a crowd of reporters at the Vanity Fair Cannes Film Festival party.

Her co-star Josh Hutcherson gave her the water (aaaaaah) as Jennifer slowly lowered her arms and after a minute, true to her word, she'd managed to beat it. What a woman.

Should you find yourself alone with the hiccups, just hold your breath and say three Hail Marys. It'll only work if you manage to say the three of them in a row before the next hiccup comes...

The blonde recently revealed she's afraid fans will "get sick" of her after her big screen success in recent years thanks to roles in the Hunger Games and X-Men franchises.

She said: "Nobody can stay beloved forever. People are going to get sick of me... I'm way too annoying because I get on red carpets and I'm really hyper, most likely because I've been drinking, and I can't not photo-bomb somebody if it's a good opportunity."