You might recall that the Python divorced the third wife back in October and was last seen giggling like a school boy in the company of a 27-year-old blonde actress (actually) called Barbie? Well, this is what she has to say of her union with a famous 69-year-old actor she "met at an audition last October."
According to The New York Post, Barbie was perturbed (she didn't know she was, but she was) by the thought of bedding a man thrice her age but was "won over because he was a great kisser". Barbie elaborated: "I kept picturing him naked. I wondered what someone that old looks like and would I actually sleep with them? For his birthday I was thinking about buying him a Zimmer frame... (but he's in good shape) "for an old guy. You know, they're normally saggy down there (are they Barbie? I wouldn't know), but he has a really nice package. He takes a lot of vitamin supplements and eats really well and he works out. His arms are really muscular and he still has amazing legs. He’s had his teeth redone and he recently got hair plugs to cover the bald patches at the front."

There's something to be said for women over a certain age. They're a hell of a lot more discerning. And they wouldn't let you rock around Sundance in this get up.