*UPDATED* It's safe to say last night's proceedings (coverage of which can be seen tonight on ITV2 from 9.00pm) have been slightly overshadowed by the whole 'Chris Brown Assaults Female in Parking Lot After Grammy Pre-Party and Has to Pull Out of Performing at Ceremony, Along with Rihanna for Some Reason'… Seemingly their absence left the organisers in a pansh*te, which led to "a hastily put together ensemble performance by Justin Timberlake, Boyz II Men, Al Green and Keith Urban." I'll be tuning in for that...

On a lighter note, it was wonderful to see Whitney Houston looking almost as well as Whitney BC (before crack). She belted out I'm Every Woman at Saturday's pre-award party.

For more in depth news, do make your way in an orderly fashion to Jenny's Music News page. Otherwise, here's what they could very well have been thinking...

Estelle: "Last night, fleshy pustules... Tonight, SHAZAM, Mrs. Tin Man!"
Katy Perry: "At least my ladies aren't plummeting in size... I'm FAST becoming every man's fantasy - just a pair of walking boobs!
Miley Cyrus and Rihanna at Saturday's Pre-Awards party: Miley: "Gee, we're an unlikely coupling, what with your stage outfits and my Christian ways! Hey, d'you like my dress!? Doesn't it look like an urn? Dark, right?!" Rihanna: "Whatever. Why does Chris keep given me evils?" Miley: Um, cause you totally tried to kiss me just now? My dad's not happy."
Miley Cyrus: "My Mom is like totally into giving me her stuff. First her porche and now this thing!"
Randy Jackson: "DAWG LOOKIN' TRIM!"
Purple Dude from Coldplay: "Step by step, heart to heart, left right left, we aaaall faaall down... like toooy soliders. C'mon, guys, sing it with me!" *tumbleweeds*
Kate Beckinsale: "I wish I was wearing this at the BAFTAS..."*sighs*
Nicole Kidman: "GOD, I wish I was at the BAFTAs. DAMN you Baz and your stupid Australian tourist board film. Still, at least Keith looks happy... *sniffs* He better not've been at the gin."
Gwyneth Paltrow: Read caption
Leona Lewis: "I like Beige"
Bono: "A moooole, digging in a hooole, diggin'... SH*TE *ahems* I got a submarine, You got gasoline..."
Paula Abdul: "I'm Ra - bow before me, minionsh... *hics*"
Cindy Lauper: "Hey, my quiff's nearly the same size as my face - Tadaaa. What more diyya want?!"
Josh Groban: "I just wish cool people would like me. I try to be funny but I just remind cool people of their mothers, or Westlife, which just isn't very cool"
Thom Yorke: "Hair covers a multitude of sins."
The Jonas Brothers: "Squint aaand squint, OK guys, we done? The exes are lurking around and we don't want to remind people we once had lustful thoughts."
Paris Hilton (AKA Rainbow Bright Gone Bad): "Wow, these b*tches are wearing, like, ball gowns 'n junk. For the first time EVER I feel... *whispers* overexposed".