Don't put away the sun cream just yet, we're set to get one last blast of good weather before it all goes downhill. 

Like clockwork, every September, we get one last final, desperate blast of heat which serves as a cruel reminder to those headed back to school and university that you will no longer be able to spend your days sunning yourself in the garden, and that if we had weather like that all the time we'd be so much happier as a nation. However we don't, we get mostly rain, damp and darkness. Good, solid potato-growing weather.  

However, those conditions look to be on hold, at least for this week, as Met Éireann are predicting sunshine and temperatures of up to 20 degrees this week, with Wednesday in particular looking like a great day to be outdoors. 

While the outlook for today is that it will be cloudy and close, things will improve tomorrow with sunny spells and Wednesday will see highs of 20°C and lows of about 13°C, which we can't complain about, we suppose. Thursday is also expected to be sunny, although there will be some cloudy periods with mist to contend with, while Friday...well let's not talk about that right now. Suffice to say "heavy showers".